My name is Hannah Whitman and I am a freelance scientific animator and graphic designer
The philosophy behind Science Animation Studio:
During my degree in Marine Biology, I was taken aback by the importance of the topics I was learning about. The politics of climate change, overexploitation, holistic conservation management... the list goes on. 
 I couldn't believe that I had to do a degree to learn things that everyone has a right to be educated about. This was all down to a simple lack of accessibility.
The traditional way to communicate science is through a scientific paper or journal. With their jargon-filled paragraphs and complex graphs, these are only ever read by other scientists in the field, leaving everyone else in the dark. 
We've got to make science accessible for everyone.  

My aim is to make the pressing topics we see in science today reach further into society, through the engaging world of graphics and animation. 
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